Thursday, September 6, 2012

DIRTY Diet Coke

Yummmmmmm! Saw this on Studio 5. So simple, definitely delicious. I have my whole family hooked. 

Big glass of ice.
One can of Diet Coke.
1/2 of a lime.
1-2 pumps of sugar-free Coconut Syrup (Priate O's and Orson Gygi carry this syrup).

Fill up your glass with ice. Squeeze in the lime. Pour in your Diet Coke. Add 1-2 pumps of the Coconut syrup. Stir with a straw and ENJOY. Very refreshing.

Friday, November 25, 2011

My New FAVORITE Book: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Only 80 pages in and am totally in love. Completely fascinating/applicable/sad/heartwarming/insightful. Here's one of my favorite quotes:

"What's wrong?"
"The same thing that's always wrong."
"You're sick?"
"I'm sad."
"About Dad?"
"About everything."
"What's everything?"
I started counting on my fingers: "The meat and dairy products in our refrigerator, fistfights, car accients, Larry-"
"Who's Larry?"
"The homeless guy in front of the Museum of Natural History who always says 'I promise it's for food' after he asks for money." She turned around and I zipped her dress while I kept counting. "How you don't know who Larry is, even though you probably see him all the time, how Buckminster just sleeps and eats and goes to the bathroom and has not raison d'etre, the short ugly guy with no neck who takes tickets at the IMAX theater, how the sun is going to explode one day, how every birthday I always get at least one thing I already have, poor people who get fat because they eat junk food because it's cheapers..." That was when I ran out of fingers, but my list was just getting started..."domesticated animals, how I have a domesticated animal, nightmares, Microsoft Windows, old people who sit around all day because no one remembers to spend time with them and thye're embarrassed to ask people to spend time with them, secrets, dial phones, how Chinese waitresses smile even when there's nothing funny or happy, and also how Chinese people own Mexican resaurants but Mexican people never own Chinese restaurants, mirrors, tape decks, my unpopularity at school, Grandma's coupons, storage facilities, people who don't know what the Internet is, bad handwriting, beautiful songs, how ther won't be humans in fifty years-"

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"A Loss of Something Ever Felt I-"

I often find it easier to write about trials than to speak about them. It's not for loss of opportunity, I have plenty of people around me with open ears and hearts, but there's something cathartic about seeing what makes me sorrowful, or fearful, or simply emotional in black and white. I guess it creates the illusion of finality. That there is no grey areas left in my mind concerning the matter left unexplored. Only black text on white paper. I feel the need for that closure.

"One in seven pregnancies end in miscarriage" that's what the doctor in the ER told me. My OB said the same and added "Well, at least you know you can get pregnant." This was a consolation for my husband. It was not for me. Their statements were innocent enough but there was something offensive about it. It was as if they essentially took an extremely painful, personal experience, and disqualified it because of how frequently it occurs. Instead of being a woman in distress, I became one in seven. A statistical odd.

I will say that I'm grateful that things played out the way they did. I did not know I was pregnant. My period had been extremely irregular, and though we were trying, I assumed the presence of blood meant I could not be pregnant. I was wrong. After spending weeks of strange, spotty bleeding, and severe cramping that culminated in two hours crouched in the fetal position, moaning, I went to the ER. I only had pain on my right side. I was sure it was an appendicitis.

Six hours later I was informed that I was pregnant. An hour after that I was informed that I was having a miscarriage.

I was put on bed rest for three days. Left to ruminate about my physical pain and what I lost. I found myself irrationally emotional. Even watching SpongeBob SquarePants made me cry!

After three days, I returned to my OB. Though I spoke with a nurse in detail about my situation days before and she promised to make notes so that they could request my paperwork from the ER and schedule a second ultra-sound, the receptionist greeted me that day and asked if I was there for a prenatal visit. "No" I said, "I'm having a miscarriage". I could tell she was thrown off guard by my blunt response, but her silence on the issue bothered me.

Then I made my way to the nurses station, "So you're pregnant?" she asked me in happy tones. "Yes" I responded, "but I'm having a miscarriage." She became silent, finished taking my blood pressure, and left me in the small room.

Then came the doctor. "So you're here for some vaginal bleeding?" He asked. "No. I'm here because I'm having a miscarriage." He then became irritated, I assume because of the incompetence of his staff, but it made the visit even more difficult.

I can't tell you how many times in the weeks preceding this experience that I nearly took a pregnancy test. Thank-goodness I didn't. I can't imagined what it would be like to get excited about a baby, only to lose it. I'm even more grateful that I didn't have to carry the baby, like some women, for several months, if not full term, just to lose it. I'm grateful that after weeks of heart stopping cramps, and eight days of constant and intense pain, the pregnancy tissue has finally passed and all I'm left with is a soar abdomen and heavy bleeding. I'm grateful that this doesn't mean I can't get pregnant in the future. I'm grateful that my body will heal in a matter of three months.

Nonetheless, I keep thinking about a line from a Dickinson poem,  "A Loss of Something Ever Felt I-". I've lost something. I know it could have been worst, I know it happens to a lot of people, but I still feel the loss.

My baby was eight weeks along. He or she was only the size of a grape, but had a heart, a discernible nose, eyes, and mouth.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Lovely Summer Break.... now coming to a close. 

I can't say I'm terribly upset. I like autumn and school.  

In fact, my summer was only one month and two weeks this years because I took summer courses (and learned all about YAL and Conrad and Casey Anthony...random, right?). But, I do realize that I didn't do a whole lot of blogging this season. And the few blogs I added were sparse and poorly assembled. Can you blame me? Summer was calling my name with it's enticing weather and an endless list of "to do"'s (including ANOTHER move...Blake and I now call ourselves transient bums).

So allow me to catch you up...

1. Book list. I read like...50 some odd titles this summer amounting to 25,000ish pages and sixteen books a month. Even for me, that's a lot! I updated my "Words" tab, so if you're looking for a good read, check it out.

2. The Move. Oh my. Third floor. My poor family was dying after going up and down hundreds of times. How do we have so much stuff!?! Not only that, we moved a week before finals! I can't say we're done moving (the extra bedroom is stuffed with crud, and we haven't done much decorating) but we do have everything we need. Maybe we should just trash the rest...

3. Seven. Or rather, Seven the Destroyer
Did you know we have another dog? Oh my, we're going to be we are dog people and all my life I swore I'd never buy a small dog....BUT, I will say, I love Seven. He idolizes me, follows me around, cuddles up to's hard to be too mad at something that is so loving...then again, when he ripped up Blake's car seat, I found some wrath for him. 

Anyway, he's a purebred Mini Schnauzer, brought here from a puppy mill in Texas. I'd recommend adoption to anyone who's considering getting a dog. We love both of our pups.

You may be asking yourself why we named him Seven....if you know anything about Seinfeld, you'll know. :)

4. CPK California Club. It's my favorite summer-time pizza recipe. You should give it a try, mix up the ingredients to fit you.

Use your favorite pizza dough recipe (or buy some). Top it with lots of Mozzarella, crumbled bacon, and chicken (I use rotisserie chicken, and freeze whatever's left over for another meal). 

Notice there is no sauce in this recipe. Blake was freaked out by this fact (so was my dad, LOL), BUT once they tried the completed version, they were converted!

Bake it off until the dough's cooked through and the cheese is nice and brown and bubbly.

Shred some lettuce and dress is with either ranch or caesar. Dice some tomatoes and avocado, and VOALA! 

CPK California Club Pizza. 

Bon Appetite

5. New job.

Blake has once again found a new job. We both think this one will be a better environment for him. I hope we're right!

6. The painting of the nasty apartment cabinets...this is the current project I'm working on. I didn't expect it to take this long (the wood is super absorbent, and needs four or five coats of paint to get the coverage I want, UGH) But it will look amazing once it's done, especially with the new flooring.

7. We decided to post the Audi on KSL. It was just too expensive to fix, and we needed something more spacious. I don't know if I was sad or shocked when it sold in a mere three hours!

I now have a 2007 Nissan Altima, and I love it. It drives even smoother than the Audi, and has a V6 engine.

That is all.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My brand-new photo editing tool!: iSplash...

Can't wait until I have more time to mess around with this tool. Basically, you choose which colors show in the picture. Gotta love Bri's bright orange jacket!